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Last year, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte made a friendly visit to Beijing.

He received Chinese promises of billion in development-related aid.

Since then, China has sought stronger relationships with ASEAN countries by making economic agreements.

ASEAN and China are expected to begin expanding the language of the code of conduct next year.

But some observers say the discussions will be without language that would anger the Chinese government.

Chinese officials will meet with the 10-member Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) from November 10 through 14 in Manila.

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Usually, China avoids negotiating with groups of countries because such discussions lessen China’s power. Many of these nations receive support from the United States military.

China wishes to call the code of conduct talks “discussions” to avoid the more formal word “negotiations,” said Carl Thayer, emeritus professor at The University of New South Wales.

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Observers expect statements from the meetings to note this dispute, over sovereignty in the South China Sea, without blaming any country.